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Dream - Travel - Repeat

Ever wished that there were an escape button on the keyboard of life? Well, since there isn’t, we are there for you. The universal truth is that every person in this universe needs a break at some point – A break from the mundane routines, an age-old adage says, "To travel is to live," states the importance of travelling in the life of an individual.

Edwings Global as a travel portal that aims to redefine travel by reinventing people's travel journeys. We understand the impact of travel, in people's lives, and therefore, the hardworking team at Edwings Global, is dedicated to helping you fulfil all your travel dreams. No trip is complete without a story, and Edwings Global helps you to make the best travel memories from all around the world.

Travelling is not always comfortable, and therefore, we provide you with instant solutions for all your travel queries. All of our packages have the best accommodations across the world so that you do not miss out on comfort during your journey. We also provide you with the most exciting and adventurous activities during your tour so that you get to experience and enjoy your vacation.

In our group tours, all tour plans have tour directors who will assist you with all the essential requirements during your journey. Our tour directors possess excellent knowledge about your destinations and will assist you throughout your trip. Our tours differ from each other and cater to everyone travelling with us. For us, every experience is unique, and therefore, our team works towards making exceptional and customized tour plans for our clients. We understand that travel is one of the greatest gifts of life, and want our guests to feel the depth and meaning of travelling with us. Our passionate local guides help you uncover the essence of each destination through the eyes of the natives.

Edwings Global has 20 years of experience and a plethora of happy customers. Our passion for travel is our driving factor for creating tours that will give you the best experience of your life

Our Vision

Life is good. When You Travel Right.

Our Brand

ED-WINGS.COM inspires travel.


Team Edwings Global is an initiative that comprises of hard core talent. The team has delivered success, in uncharted areas of travel. Combined this team has been instrumental in delivering successful events to millions of guests across the world. Each team member brings enormous knowledge and domain expertise.

Best Price Guarantee

Prices match services offered

Safe and Secure

Encryption online and safe haven offline.


We encourage development and reward performances to add value to our team.


To deliver premium values by providing outstanding products and unsurpassed service.

Founder's Message

Anil Edwin

Creating a future, from the learning’s of the past

23 years of experience in hospitality and travel industry, redefined the term “globetrotting’ has travelled over115 countries extensively. He often travelled 260 to 300 days a year, to explore every inch of the city to understand, what the place can offer and dreams that everyone could experience what he has. His visit’s across various bars around the world is a story, to be told over a drink.